Lloyd Burchell(non-registered)
Really like your work, great inspiration. I started My Photo Artistry Course earlier this year and have just started the Awake Course. Starting to alter my way of thinking. I see you have some pictures of Ivory Flame, who I got the chance to shoot a few years back. What a great model, a stickler for getting things right and doesn't seem to age. I wish I could say that about myself.
Eddie Brady(non-registered)
Nice work!
Norm Thompson(non-registered)
I greatly admire your skill and colour sense.You have some marvellous and unique images which is one of my goals to produce images that have never existed. You have a great ability to remove unnecessary details well.
great stuff!

regards, Joe
Eimhear Collins(non-registered)
Hi Viv,

Your work has such a wonderful dreamlike quality to it. It transports you to another place..!

Beautiful website .

Warm regards..... E
Kevin O'Connor(non-registered)
Viv I love your work on this web side you put on great stuff on it
Lisa Higgins(non-registered)
Hi Viv,

We have received lots of lovely comments about the photographs and shoot you held at Gorey Castle.
I believe there is a demand for you here in Jersey.

Looking forward to working with you in the future. Amelia and Katie can't wait to see you on your next return. You have given them the bug.

Thank you for being so amazing and patient with the twins on the shoot.
Elaine Beare(non-registered)
Hi Viv,

Wow, beautiful photos Viv. I wish you the very best of luck with your new venture.

Warm wishes,
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